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My name Is Giang Pham and I am a visual artist. Sometimes I make artwork that intersects with science, not only in the method but also in the subject matter. In my art practice I employ some of the same steps as the scientific method only it isn't so standardized or recorded in a standardized manner, and the end result may not be as readily pragmatic as the purposes driving a scientific experiment. Most of my work starts out by identifying a problem. Artists are very good at problem seeking since we're trained to look for them, our society is full of problems.. it's a matter of focusing as on a facet of that problem in a work of art. Seeing a problem isn't enough, to get to the heart of it, an artist must do research to see what has been uncovered of the problem and what this forth coming work of art do to contribute to the conversation. Once I have a better scope of the issue I start constructing some notions to work out in my art. Like hypotheses, these notions float around my head as ideas that need to be tested through the process of art making. To visualize a notion is an idea, to test it out is art making. My method is on the two-dimensional surface, three-dimensional form, and sometimes incorporate the dimension of time, through performance and moving images.I often don't see the full picture of my work until after the art work is complete. After it is finished, I can sort through the visual data and conclude whether my work is successful or unsuccessful at communicating the idea I needed to. when I am successful I can move onto another facet of the problem when I am not I continue working at it until I arrive at something satisfactory. This is how I see art intersects the sciences, the art process isn't that different, it's just that art is generally not that cut and dry. There are intuitive leaps, regressions, some skipping around and generally an organized mess on the surface, but very methodical underneath it all. art.ua.edu/profile/giang-pham/

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Dear Artists and Patrons:

Art Does It (ADI) is an Alabama non-profit with a Federal 501 (c)(3) charitable status, and a Board of Trustees–consisting of artists, business professionals, grant writers, and legal minds– formed in light of the recent need for a permanent artist exhibition space on Dauphin Island.

ADI and the artists wish to call the former DI welcome center its home and to operate an artist co-op there, with–

  • All ADI artists exhibiting their work and being represented by ADI at any given time (this means so much to ADI artists since their artwork will always be on display at the former welcome center);
  • All interior space of the former welcome center devoted to the exhibit of art- ADI will not hold an office space at the former welcome center;
  • Exhibition of outdoor sculpture on the former welcome center grounds;
  • Monthly feature artist opportunities for a non-co-op/regional/national artist, a museum exhibit, or a co-op artist wishing to display additional work, as a featured exhibit, alongside the existing co-op artworks at the former welcome center;
  • A youth operated art gallery (in the room near the kitchen at the former welcome center) where children/teens will manage their own art gallery with the guidance of adults. (We see this youth gallery as an important part of youth learning how to present one-self and their creations; how to work with each other and the public, and how to manage a gallery which includes bookkeeping, marketing, scheduling personnel, working with other organizations, etc.);
  • An indoors and outdoors space for:

    • fine arts education (e.g. classic art techniques)
    • folk traditions education (e.g. net making, boat building)
    • nature education (birding, marine and estuarine life, all discovered through art)
    • public arts events (open mic poetry and story, music performance, art demos–e.g. fine art, blacksmithing, traditional foods/cooking, raku clay, plein aire)
    • holiday bazaars and monthly open house;
    • community flower gardens and naturalist art derived from observation;
  • An inclusive art jurying process, terms to be crafted and voted on by all ADI artists;
  • Equitable exhibition space and terms for co-op artists including working artists (e.g gallery sitting, garden keeping, building maintenance, social media marketing, fundraising, teaching, event coordination), seasonal artists, and non-working artists. Terms to be crafted and voted on by all ADI artists before implemented;
  • Low gallery overhead costs- ADI will not charge artists for its management of the gallery and its bookkeeping, nor will it collect commissions from the sale of artworks, or expect the artists to bear the financial burden of the welcome center’s building repair or renovation. ADI artists’ exhibition space fees will be devoted to the monthly costs of the gallery utilities, insurance, etc.
  • A transparent Board of Trustees- ADI will hold open meetings at the former welcome center, where all ADI artists are invited to attend;
  • The opportunity for ADI artists to exhibit their additional artworks in public places, such as the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL) campus;
  • The opportunity for ADI artists to participate in collaborative teaching events and arts festivals, such as the ARTSealab initiative with DISL and other non-profits on DI.

ADI’s mission is to “live for art, not from it”, and defines itself as a non-profit with the spirit of cooperation and charity for the greater good, which means:

  • ADI artists have the opportunity to create art works for art’s sake and therefore grow their art, without the burden of commissions to the co-op or to ADI;
  • ADI artists having a sense of community with each other, by learning from each other and working together on DI community projects;
  • ADI forming partnerships with DI community organizations to promote the Arts and DI through its regular participation in DI community events ( e.g. Art Trail, Parades, Fishing Tournaments, etc.), collaboration on community projects (where the Arts are part of the grant writing product), and co-sponsoring more Arts related festivals on DI.

On behalf of all the artists wanting to make the world a better place through art, we thank you for the opportunities waiting ahead.
Please take a moment to complete the following brief survey so ADI and the artists can make informed decisions.

Regina Doi-Kollegger