Kim Gwin

My name is Kim Gwin, a 62 year old female from Mobile, Alabama and currently live in Semmes, Alabama. I have 3 sons I love dearly. I am a TS Belly Dancer with the Troupe “Gypsy Chicks”, in Spanish Fort, Alabama.
Ive had no formal College training in Art. But, I’ve taken paint classes with the City of Mobile. I have drawn since I was 5. In the first grade, I won 1st place on a “Butterfly” drawing in pastels that really sparked my continuing interest in the field of art.

I use several mediums and have learned many art forms. I use pen & ink, oils, watercolours, and acrylics. I learned pottery, stain glass, clay jewelry making, basket weaving and several more art forms. Most of my paintings are done in acrylics,and most are oceanic paintings.  Living on the Gulf  Coast, and loving the beach the way I do, I was destined to share the love of Coastal Living in my artwork. 

I enjoy making people smile, with my work.  That is why I love painting.